Rose water

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Rose Water is a natural toner distilled from organic roses with
astringent properties that minimize pores, reduce excess oil, and
restore pH balance. Its antioxidant qualities neutralize and fight

against agents that cause premature aging, and its anti-
inflammatory properties soothe and calm the skin, reducing

redness and irritation. Suitable for all skin types.


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Rose Water

Organic Toner for Balanced and Soothed Skin

Experience the beauty of Rose Water, a natural toner distilled from organic roses. This gentle and versatile product offers a range of benefits for your skin. With astringent properties, it minimizes pores, reduces excess oil, and restores the skin’s pH balance. Infused with antioxidant qualities, Rose Water neutralizes agents that contribute to premature aging, while its anti-inflammatory properties soothe and calm the skin, reducing redness and irritation. Suitable for all skin types, Rose Water is the perfect addition to your skincare routine for a balanced and radiant complexion.

Astringent Toning for Minimized Pores

Minimize Pores with Rose Water

Discover the secret to refined and tightened pores with our Water toner. Its natural astringent properties help to minimize the appearance of pores, creating a smoother and more even complexion. By incorporating Rose into your skincare routine, you can achieve a refined and flawless appearance.

Restore pH Balance and Control Excess Oil

Restore Balance with Rose Water Toner

Say goodbye to oily skin and restore your skin’s natural balance with our Water toner. This gentle formulation helps regulate excess oil production, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and matte. The restoring properties of Rose Water ensure your skin maintains a healthy pH level, promoting a harmonious and nourished complexion.

Antioxidant Protection for Youthful Skin

Rose Water – Your Antioxidant Powerhouse

Embrace the power of antioxidants with Water. This natural elixir neutralizes harmful agents that contribute to premature aging, helping to keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant. Incorporating Rose into your daily skincare routine provides a protective shield against environmental stressors, leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

Soothe and Calm with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Calm and Soothe Your Skin with Rose

Experience the soothing and calming effects of Rose on your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce redness and irritation, providing relief and comfort. Pamper your skin with the gentle and nurturing qualities of Rose, restoring tranquility and promoting a healthier complexion.

Apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face, or spritz directly onto the face for a refreshing boost.

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